100% Human Hair Clip-on Extensions
Longer Thicker Fuller Hair in Mins!"

Why Are We Unique?




    Introducing European Extensions designed to create the hottest, most sought after hairstyles. Long luscious locks and full-bodied tresses have women from all around the world on a quest for beautiful hair. The secret to beautiful hair is not always easy to stumble upon however, and the reality is that our own hair only grows around half an inch a month. For some women this pursuit may have seemed like they were chasing a dream, thus European Extensions was established as a mere dream come true, and so European Extensions was born, created by leading hairstylists for women all over the world.

    Armed with extensive research we at European Extensions set out on a journey spearheaded by leading experts; our mission? To offer a solution to the growing demand among women to enhance their natural hair without limitation - with the use of clip in extensions. Our discovery led to the creation of an unparalleled product, which allows you to add instant volume, texture, shape and length for either everyday sophistication or glamorous red carpet hairstyles, which is easy from the comfort of your own home!

    European Extensions developed a professional range of clip-in hair extensions that are easy to use, along with competitive pricing, outstanding European origin, craftsmanship, and timeless hair quality. Weather you are a first time user or have been using hair extensions for years, European Extensions provides high-quality, easy to use product with reliable, predictable results.

    European Extensions came to life in small remote village in the Netherlands. Inspired by the radiance and beauty of European hair, we hand select our hair and measure the texture to match natural hair density, which is unique and distinctive to European style. All hair is rigorously tested to ensure consistent density and moisture throughout. We produce a premium top of the line Organic Single Donor product which guarantees our position as the “World’s No.1 Hair.” European Extensions sources and manufactures with quality in mind first, using only premium natural healthy and full-bodied hair that is cruelty free. FOR EUROPEAN EXTENSIONS THE AIM OF BEAUTY IS HAPPINESS AND FEELING EASE WITH YOURSELF.

    The spirit and beauty of European hair channeled into a unique clip-in hair extension range loved by women the world over, the end result is thick and shiny hair luminous hair that is just begging to be touched!



    European Extension pledges quality and durability as well as beauty, and promises the finest quality clip-in hair extensions that are truly built to last with a 2 year product life span. Our site proves the ultimate destination for all your hair care needs. Take your time to browse the extensive product range, read trusted customer reviews and share your own experiences, and enjoy expert demonstrations. News stories and features allow European Extensions customers to catch up on the latest catwalk and celebrity beauty trends to inspire you on their journey to revamp you own style and take it to the next level. The stress stops here! Join us to raise the standards in hair extensions, why not become an ambassador for European Extensions? Don’t settle for less, make your hair your crowning glory and prepare to turn heads!


    You won't believe your eyes, when you put in Luxy Clip-in Hair Extensions. They will instantly transform your natural hair
    into mermaid-like long, gorgeous locks!


    Step 1:Choose Hair Length Chart


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